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We are a team of independent, skilled and experienced professionals

A Few Words About Us

Cape Business Management since 1996

Cape Business Management is a business management consultancy in the Cape area that provides integrated, innovative solutions in the fields of business advisory services, strategy and business transformation.

We have been acting in partnership with our clients to effect real breakthroughs for the leadership, strategic, financial or operational challenges that all businesses face.

Our team of independent, skilled and experienced professionals offers clients tailor-made and practical management solutions for businesses, whether they are corporate giants, or the garage around the corner.

(+27) 82 442 1658 CBM Contact Number(+27) 82 442 1658

Empowering our clients

CBM Consult Services.

We do not believe in following a set formula or cookie-cutter approach in our engagements with clients. Every business is unique and has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. As such, our engagements involve a holistic approach, where a unique set of skills and services are applied to optimally meet our clients' needs. We furthermore encourage the active participation of all parties, thereby empowering our clients to continue growing their businesses successfully even after our involvement has ended. We provide a hands-on service in all aspects of business management, improving core strength, effecting sound management principles and increasing bottom line profits for all our clients. Each assignment is structured specifically for that client and typically encompasses one or more of the following:

CBM Consult Company Restructuring Services
Company Restructuring
CBM Consult Financial Restructuring Services
Financial Restructuring
CBM Consult Risk Management Services
Risk Management
CBM Consult Market Development Services
Market Development
CBM Consult Business Plans Services
Business Plans
CBM Consult Black Economic Empowerment Services
CBM Consult Mergers & Acquisitions Services
Mergers & Acquisitions
CBM Consult Viability Studies Services
Viability Studies
CBM Consult Business Management & Strategic Planning Services
Business Management & Strategic Planning
CBM Consult Corporate Governance & Compliance to Legislation Services
Corporate Governance & Compliance to Legislation
CBM Consult Company Turn-a-rounds/Rescue Missions Services
Company Turn-a-rounds/Rescue Missions
CBM Consult Conflict Resolution and Mediation Services
Conflict Resolution and Mediation
CBM Consult Full range of Legal Services via Potgieter & Associates Services
Full range of Legal Services via Potgieter & Associates
CBM Consult Financing & Venture Capital Services
Financing & Venture Capital
CBM Consult Full range of Legal Services via Potgieter & Associates Services
Virtual Management Services

Empowering our clients

Owner & Founder

Cobus Potgieter

Cobus is the owner and founder of CBM. He has extensive experience in the legal and business environment. After his stint with the Dept. of Justice, he was Head of the Trade Licensing Board in KZN. Thereafter he was the Senior Regional Manager for Development at the SBDC. He served on the Chambers of Commerce in KZN and was awarded for his service to the Business community. He furthermore also was awarded by Rotary International to do vocational studies in Australia. His passion for business success speaks from his track record with clients and financial institutions alike.

(+27) 82 442 1658 CBM Contact Number(+27) 82 442 1658


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